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The Top 7 Destinations for Shopping in Greenville

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Shopping can be fun when you aren’t limited to the same chain stores found in every city. Living in Greenville, SC, you have a lot of options when it comes to creating a unique shopping experience. Whether you're in search of the perfect pair of a jeans or a gift that's really special, odds are you'll be able to find it in the city.

Locally Made

Jeans shopping doesn't rank very high on many people's list of fun things to do. It's a challenge to find the right fit and the right style. The women behind Beija Flor jeans understand that, and they set out to change it. They created a line of jeans that actually work with, rather than against, the shape of a woman's body. There are several cuts and styles, because women come in all shapes and sizes. The jeans are also made of a highly advanced technical fabric that moves with and responds to the body. The company is based in Greenville, although they also have a store in Nashville and do sales online, too.

Greenville is steeped in history, and some of that history can be found at Dark Corner Distillery. Located on Main Street in the downtown area, the distillery produces and sells small-batch moonshine, as well as whisky, gin, and absinthe. You can visit the distillery for a taste of its products and to purchase spirits and other souvenirs.

When it comes to locally made products, you can't get much more local than a farmers' market. The Saturday Market is open from May through October each year. A number farms from the area come in each week to sell their produce at the market. There are also live musical performances each week and cooking demos.

Personalized Shopping in Greenville

Want to make a gift one of a kind? Personalize it. The Pink Azalea sells a variety of gift items that can be monogrammed or otherwise personalized. For example, you can purchase a puffy vest embroidered with someone's initials, or order monogrammed rain boots. The gift shop will also personalize items you bring in, even if you didn’t buy them in the store.

Make Your Space Unique

Greenville has plenty of stores that can help you dress up your home and stock your kitchen. Don't be confused by the name, as Charleston Cooks also has a location in Greenville. The store sells a large selection of kitchen tools and gadgets. It also offers a number of cooking classes, ranging from workshops that focus on different cuisines to classes highlighting how to use a specific kitchen tool.

The Cook's Station is another kitchen-centric store in the city. It sells everything from large appliances to small cookware in a 3,000-square-foot space.

Vintage & Modern is a home decor and furnishings store that sells a mix of new and vintage items. It's where to go when you're on the hunt for something you won't find anywhere else, such as an old-school Dewey decimal library catalog cabinet or a lovingly restored desk from the 19th century.