Posted in: Living Pets Posted on: Jan 31st, 2015

Pet-friendly Apartments and more in Greenville, SC

Between finding a new job, transporting your belongings, and spending time away from all of your friends and relatives, moving to a new city can be tough. Fortunately, bringing “Man’s best friend” along for the experience can alleviate some of this stress and help you feel more at home in your new environment. As one of the most pet friendly apartments in Greenville, SC, Lakecrest Apartments has assembled the following guide so that you can reward your animal for his loyalty.

Animal Hospitals

Your animal’s health is important to you, so having awareness of veterinarian clinics and animal hospitals in the region should be a top priority. There are several animal hospitals in the city that are highly rated for their services, including Animal Emergency Clinic and Haywood Road Animal Hospital. While the former is for medical emergencies only, your pet can receive preventative care at Haywood. Operating for more than three decades, the clinic provides complete medical care, yearly vaccinations and examinations, ear and eye checkups, routine surgeries, and intensive care as well as dentistry services, diagnostic testing, and booster shots.

Daycare and Boarding

Animal lovers tend to spend as much time with their pets as possible. Unfortunately, there are some places where pets just can’t go. In the event that you have to leave town for a work conference or another event, it may be in your best interest to take your four-legged companion to a doggy daycare or boarding facility. At Camp Bow Wow on Airport Road, canine friends spend all day playing indoors and outdoors with other campers. Each cabin at the facility includes a fleece blanket and bed in a climate-controlled atmosphere. Behavior training, boarding, grooming, and pet sitting are also available.


Dogs love rolling in the mud about as much as they hate getting scrubbed in the tub.  While many pet owners can tackle the grooming process on their own, if your pet is afraid of baths, or just plain difficult to keep still, contacting a grooming facility may be in your best interest. At Paws & Claws on Augusta Street, certified groomers offer complete services including teeth brushing, de-shedding, nail trimming, shampooing, conditioning, and blow-drying.


Have a day off of work? Been stuck inside in the rain for what seems like weeks on end? Whether you’re chomping at the bit to get outside or your canine friend is demanding a walk, it’s important to understand the necessity of bonding over outdoor activities. Consider visiting one of the many dog parks near Greenville, including Dog Park on Swamp Rabbit Trail. Other dog parks near Greenville include Red Barn Dog Park, Conestee Dog Park, and Pelham Mill Dog Park, which includes both large and small play areas, a sand run, a water station, benches, and much more.

By now, you hopefully have a better understanding of some of the most pet-friendly places near Greenville. Whether you’re looking to add a four-legged companion to your family or you’ve recently moved to the area and are researching vets and things to do with your pet, we hope that this guide has helped you discover pet-friendly opportunities in the area.