Posted in: Living Posted on: Jul 22nd, 2016

How to Give Back to Your Greenville Community

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Have you ever considered taking some time to volunteer in Greenville? Volunteers are an important part of every community, as they use their free time to support important causes that have a direct impact on the neighborhood they call home. Greenville has several philanthropic organizations that are wholly committed to making a difference when it comes to several important issues, including hunger and supporting individuals with disabilities. Taking the time to be a volunteer means you have the heart to help make things a little easier for someone else. Plus, you can learn some important lessons in the process. Take a look at some of the volunteer opportunities available in your community and decide which one is right for you.

Addressing Hunger in Greenville

It’s not an easy topic to think about, but the fact is, there are many people living in Greenville who face hunger on a daily basis. This is a chronic issue that affects many people who are struggling to build a life below the poverty line, including children and the elderly. If you’re ready to join the fight against hunger in your community, reach out to the Harvest Hope Food Bank. With four facilities, including one on White Horse Road in Greenville, the Harvest Hope Food Bank is working tirelessly to provide nutritious food to those in need. The Food Bank utilizes more than 8,000 volunteers to support its daily operations every year, and the organization always needs new volunteers to join its existing roster.

Providing Opportunity

For those who volunteer in Greenville, it’s always rewarding to help someone else seize an opportunity to realize their full potential. The Generous Garden Project is an important program that offers inclusion resources and employment opportunities for local residents with disabilities. These residents are trained to work in the garden, maintaining the plants and harvesting the fresh produce that they yield. This process teaches the participants important skills that can help them secure a permanent job. Plus, the garden’s workers are trained to sell the produce at the market, so Greenville residents have a consistent source of fresh fruits and vegetables. Contact the organizers of the Generous Garden Project today to learn about how you can help.

Supporting Your Community

There are so many individuals and organizations that are working tirelessly to make a difference, and this work eventually comes to benefit everyone living in Greenville. The catch is that these efforts require funds in order to be sustainable and effective for the long-term, so some streams of revenue are needed to help these groups be successful in their respective missions. There is help thanks to the Rotary Club of Greenville. Since 1916, the Rotary Club has worked to execute fundraising initiatives that support important endeavors in education, peace and conflict resolution, maternal and child health, and more. Some of their programs include scholarships intended for local high school students who excel in school and show an interest in supporting their community.

There are many people in the city that share your interest in volunteering, which means there are ample opportunities for everyone to get involved. Which of these programs do you plan on checking out first?