Posted in: Kids Posted on: Jun 4th, 2015

Getting to Know the Greenville County School District

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For parents of young children and adolescents, school district quality plays a major role when deciding on a new neighborhood or community in which to live. To reassure parents that the schools in Greenville, SC, are top-notch, and that apartments in the Greenville County School District are a smart choice for you and your children, we’ve developed the following guide to schools in the region. Read on to discover more about how your kids will excel while living at Lakecrest Apartments.

Mitchell Road Elementary

Located on the corner of East North Street and Mitchell Road, Mitchell Road Elementary is less than half a mile away from Lakecrest Apartments, making it a convenient drive away, or even a stroll away, for parents of young children. Serving students Grades K-5, the elementary school is dedicated to offering students a quality education in a safe, inviting learning environment while encouraging them to take responsibility for themselves and treat their fellow classmates with respect. There are roughly 600 students enrolled at Mitchell Road Elementary each year.

Greenville Middle Academy

Located on Lowndes Avenue, Greenville Middle Academy is several miles away from Lakecrest Apartments and may be accessed via the Greenville County School District’s bus routes or a parent’s personal vehicle. Serving students in Grades 6-8, the school promotes a mission of E=MC Squared (or, Education = Making Children Count). With more than 800 students, the school is considerably larger than Mitchell Road Elementary, and its resources are more advanced. The school has several clubs, sports leagues, and advanced courses in which students may partake.

Eastside High

Located on Brushy Creek Road, Eastside High is further from Lakecrest Apartments than Mitchell Road Elementary, but closer to the community than Greenville Middle Academy. Ranked by US News and World Report as the fourth best school in the entire state of South Carolina, it’s safe to say that Eastside High provides students with plenty of opportunities to expand and improve their intellectual, emotional, and athletic development. Credit for this high ranking is greatly attributed to the school’s emphasis on AP classes and the presence of various clubs and sports leagues. The school had a total enrollment of just over 1,300 students in the 2015 school year, with an average student to teacher ratio of about 20:1.

Catholic Schools

Although you don’t necessarily need to live in the Greenville County School District to attend a private institution in the region, it’s likely that you’ll want to live reasonably close to whichever school you wish your children will attend. St. Mary’s Catholic School is located just several miles away from Lakecrest Apartments in downtown Greenville. Operating for more than a century, this ten acre campus is considered a Blue Ribbon School and is accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. The school serves students in Grades K-8, and tuition varies depending on whether or not attending students are active parishioners of St. Mary’s church or an affiliated church in the region.