Posted in: University Posted on: Jul 23rd, 2015

Delicious Dining on a Budget Near Bob Jones University

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Attending Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC blesses you with many restaurant options that won’t go over your student budget. There is a terrific variety of eateries that offer affordable meals for whatever craving, from Japanese to Mexican. Here are some of the best budget-friendly restaurants near Bob Jones University.

Mediterranean: Pita House

Pita House is extremely popular, so you may have to wait in line to order. However, it is well worth the wait for the deliciously fresh food served. Try their stuffed grape leaves, garlic-infused hummus, and hot falafels for a tasty, but still healthy meal. Pita House is very affordable overall, but you get the most bang for your buck by ordering one of their plates with a sampling of several different fares.

Sandwiches: Two Chefs Deli & Market

This little gem is hidden inside of an office building close to Main Street. If you are not looking for Two Chefs Deli & Market, you might miss it, as there is only a small sign out on the sidewalk to mark its existence. However, when study cravings hit, going to this little Greenville secret will be just what you need. They have dozens of specialty sandwiches, soups, and a case full of deli delights such as pesto chicken salad, pimento cheese, and a variety of noodle salads. Try their Stuffed Baguette with ham, turkey, Muenster cheese, apple-smoked bacon, and tomatoes for a real treat. They also serve exceptional gourmet coffees and teas.

Sushi: Sushi Koji

Sushi and budget-friendly dining do not always go hand in hand. However, this is not the case with Sushi Koji. It is located right on Main Street and is a local favorite for those who want cheap, but fresh, sushi. The best part is that they have a happy hour every day of the week where they serve sake and sushi at hugely discounted prices. Sushi Koji is a small, family-operated and owned space, but it is a very comfortable and pleasant location to grab a bite to eat.

Pizza: Tito’s Pizzeria

Many locals tout Tito’s Pizzeria as the best New York-style pizza in Greenville. It is owned and operated by Tito himself, so there is always a warm, welcoming vibe when eating here. Tito’s serves pitchers of cheap beer, which makes it an excellent location to relax with a few friends after a long day of classes or studying. Tito’s also serves Italian subs and pasta dishes that leave patrons fully satisfied with their meal.

Mexican: Papas & Beer

Papas & Beer is the ideal location if you want a vibrant, lively restaurant that serves great Mexican food and good beer at a reasonable price. One of the best things about this eatery is that its salsa bar allows patrons to taste as many as ten different kinds of salsa. Papas & Beer has both comfort food and healthy Mexican dishes, so there is something for everyone. Try the Polo Loco, which is a chicken cutlet smothered in a mushroom and spinach cream sauce with a side of guacamole, rice, beans, and salad.